Our name defines us and inspires us because it speaks of the history that was the beginning of a dream that today is called OMA.
It comes from mixing sonorities, graphics and sounds

OUM= personal name : “mother” in arabic


OUMA = comunity in arabic


OM = Great vibrational sound of the universe



The story

This is a project which talks about stories, so we shall start with ours :

It all began when OMA was a child, like a children’s dream that she was weaving but wasn’t finished until OMA grew up to travel and meet people of different races, cultures and countries .... 

Only then she understood that all what is specially worthy are the stories woven with time, the beauty which comes from culture and tradition or objects designed to last and away from mass consumption. 

Beauty takes time to be created and to bring it together but, like all stories, there comes a day when the circle closes and all the vibrations converge in a unique point with its own name: Welcome to OMA project, a space of inspiration in which all the stories converge in Mallorca, creating a continuous movement of beauty and sustainable projects.

The name

Names are our first expression and through them we affirm ourselves. This project was born by a personal name, OUM, which means mother in Arabic but sounds like another word of three letters which connects with thr original sound of the universe: AUM or as it is found in the West , the OM . It’s a vibration of great mental power and to be gratefullness for a great diffusion. 

Playing with these two concepts and sonorities, plus the similar scripts such as: AUM (OMA) and OUMA (Community), the name of OMA emerged. 

OMA wants to be a melting pot of all those meanings and sounds, since it carries in its DNA the idea of sharing, of unfying  origins and cultures from different backgrounds but always with the common thread of creativity, art and craftsmanship and above all of a special “savoir faire” so you cannot forget he name of OMA.